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Over the course of my life I have come to believe that there are few fields as exciting and unique as the wine industry. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy immersion in this industry for the entirety of my life, and have experienced the perks of wine from the young age when my mother, Carolyn Januik, would have me deliver bottles to my elementary teachers. Back then, wine typically resulted in a turned eye here and there and leniency with late homework assignments, but it has been more recently, with my Stone Cairn wine venture, that I have come to understand the pure fulfillment of this industry I love.

It was with little surprise when I suggested the possibility of creating my own wine to the people closest to me. Not many twenty-six year olds are able to say that they have spent more than half their life working in the business they love and dream of as their career: I am blessed to be one of the people that can say they have. During my time off and on during the school years of my life, and working fulltime pending my college graduation, I have harnessed the opportunity to learn and understand all the broader points, and all the finer intricacies, of the wine industry through two of the more experienced and impassioned winemakers in the industry, Mike Januik and Scott Moeller. The possibility of working with two prominent figures, such as Mike and Scott, has never been taken lightheartedly or with as much as a wince of anything but the utmost gratitude.

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